We’re a Full Service Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency

Create The Movement is a results-oriented full service Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency. We design websites and create marketing campaigns that turn “clicks” into customers. We provide an easy, simple experience from concept to completion. So, whether you’re starting from scratch or already have an online presence, we’ve got you covered.

Website Design & Development

By now, just about every entrepreneur, whether they are a small business owner or the owner of a larger company, understands that marketing is a major driving factor in a website’s success. There are several techniques that can drive prosperity, but one of the most important is search engine optimization, which utilizes Google search to help bring in more customers.



What is SEO? Most business site owners know now what it means. It stands for “search engine optimization.” For a while, everyone thought that it was just about keywords. Then, over time and several different algorithm changes, we learned that it involved more than just keywords. It is an entire approach that allows you to increase your ranking in the search engines (known as SERPs) and to compete with similar niche companies in your market.

Paid Advertising

We strongly believe in a slow and steady approach to SEO, but sometimes you need to be in the number one spot sooner than later. PPC (Paid Advertising) is usually the most effective way to bring in leads early when launching an SEO campaign.

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Content & Social

Social media marketing and digital content marketing are at the heart of online business success. In this world of online delivery models, platforms, and digital media, it’s impossible to ignore the importance of digital marketing. Internet marketing comes in some different formats and forms and includes all types of media, platforms, and tools.


Branding is important to your marketing strategy because it helps define your business in a way that ordinary marketing doesn’t do. In fact, there is a lot of confusion about what marketing is supposed to do. Many business owners feel that, as long as they promote their products and services, that is enough. But they forget that the brand strategy you use is far more important than the marketing strategy. Without a brand strategy, you are only advertising products and services without bringing your brand to the attention of your customers.

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Video Production

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, video must be worth its weight in gold. It’s easy to tell when video is done poorly, so we only use top-notch people, equipment, and processes. Our analysis of the current market landscape identified that one of the biggest needs a brand has is establishing credibility and differentiation in the market. Video is one easiest way to complete this mission.

How Does Your Website Stack Up?

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Customer Success Stories

Trusted by over 1,000 businesses to deliver leads.

Mike Flynn CEO
Flynn Law Firm PLLC

“We have worked with Create the Movement for several years. They are an energetic and professional team to work with. I would give them a high rating and certainly recommend their services.”

Evan Barrickman
Law Offices of Evan Barrickman

“I have used Create the Movement for my business website since 2014. From design to maintenance, I couldn’t ask for a more responsive business minded team that answers my questions immediately. I have seen increases in my website traffic since they created the site. I cannot recommend them enough.”

Stephen Ruark
Gas Tech Engineering

“The team at Create The Movement is dedicated to customer satisfaction. I threw them some curve balls early in a recent project that included drastic changes in overall strategy, but they rose to the challenge, adjusted their course of action, and delivered a product that exceeded expectations.”